A SeekoG Formula to

Find & Fill Learning Gaps

SeekoG Educational Diagnostic Reports pinpoint exact learning gaps



Analyse, Personalize, and Teach 1:1


Analyse, Personalize, and Teach 1:1

Focus only on learning gaps where the child needs help.

Teach CBSE syllabus 1:1 online at convenient hours.

Get paid per 1:1 online tution session.

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What's the talk about SeekoG?


  • What is SeekoG?

    SeekoG is an online platform with an organized approach of Revise, Test, and Master (RTM). The SeekoG RTM approach helps students of classes from 6 to 10 (both CBSE and state boards) score well in exams by identifying gaps in learning and mastering them with personalized 1:1 online tuitions.

  • How can I use SeekoG for my exam preparation?

    Use SeekoG’s Educational Diagnostic test to practice for your Board exams/ Competitive exams/ IIT exams. SeekoG Educational Diagnostic Test questions include 45000 + CBSE previous year board questions and NCERT based questions which can be used as worksheets for students’ last-minute exam preparation.

    SeekoG helps students brush up their knowledge with sections containing crisp and contextual definitions for 40,000+ concepts and terms.

    SeekoG Mind Maps are the best revision tool for students to revise chapters in minutes.

    If any student needs extra attention in specific topics in a subject, SeekoG 1:1 tutoring can help them master those exact topics and score better in exams.

  • Should I enroll my child for SeekoG 1 to 1 online tuition, if the child is already attending tuition after school?

    Tuition teachers teach the entire syllabus, whereas SeekoG Educational Diagnostic test report identifies the gaps in a student’s learning and the tutor analyses the report, understands your child’s strengths and learning needs, guides your child only in the concepts that your child needs help with, as per their individual learning pace.

    You can also share the diagnostic reports with your child’s tuition teacher and ask the teacher to focus on the learning gaps.