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Study Smart Coach, Mind Maps expert, and Tony Buzan certified Mindmaps Trainer

Koteshwar Rao

Koteshwar Rao started applying Mind Maps in education and has perfected the formula where any child can learn and master the academics with structured research, and thorough interviews. This formula has empowered 1200+ students so far, it can help your child too.


Having worked on the mind maps, Koteshwar Rao, moved on to understanding the process of learning and the mindset required for learning. Starting by decoding the secrets of top graders and rankers, Mr Rao invested his efforts in reading, studying, learning, and mastering the art and science of HOW TO STUDY.

With SeekoG app, Koteshwar Rao hustles to attain his mission to empower 10,000,000 students to study smart and make their parents proud.

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