SeekoG Mind Maps

Mind maps are a visual method for recording thoughts and related ideas graphically. Mind Maps use one central topic or idea and surround the central topic with connected sub-topics. Mind maps visualize complex information and relationships and help you remember better..
Using this scientifically proven methodology, SeekoG Mind maps present complex chapters to students graphically.
Students can use SeekoG Mind Maps to revise a chapter in less than 5 minutes. The speed of revision helps revise the lessons multiple times before their exams and become exam confident.
A common struggle most students go through is recalling answers in the exam hall. Revising with SeekoG Mind maps helps students recall better in the exam hall. Scientific studies have proved that information that is associated with pictures has better recall value – almost 98% compared to plain text.
To help students with exams, SeekoG has made its mind maps in the SeekoG App free for students. Register now and

SeekoG Concepts

SeekoG Academic Diagnostic System breaks down every chapter into concepts. These concepts are mapped to significant topics in a chapter. SeekoG provides 2500+ crisp descriptions of these concepts across CBSE classes 6 to 10 from Science, Social, Mathematics and English for all the chapters.
Students can quickly brush up their knowledge using these concept definitions before taking a test in the chapter. Register now and access these concepts in the SeekoG App free forever.

SeekoG Academic Diagnostic Tests

SeekoG Academic Diagnostic Tests are Concept level Algorithm-Based tests that help find learning gaps in the chapters. For example, after the teacher completes the lesson Fun with Magnets in the classroom, a student can take the SeekoG Academic Diagnostic Test in the Fun with Magnets chapter. The test covers all the concepts in the chapter which are Discovery of Magnets, Magnetic and Non- Magnetic Materials, and Poles of a Magnet, Finding Directions & Making of Magnets.
Each SeekoG Academic Diagnostic Test for a chapter has 60 questions and with 100% coverage ensures that students do not miss out on any concept. This enables students to thoroughly complete the entire syllabus without neglecting or missing out on any concept/ topic for upcoming exams. Not just for CBSE exams from Classes 6 to 10, you can use SeekoG Academic Diagnostic Tests for general competitive exams too.
Students taking the SeekoG Academic Diagnostic Tests can practice better and can get acquainted with the pattern of questions most likely to appear in exams. Taking regular tests can also help students overcome exam fear or exam stress.
Moreover, SeekoG Academic Tests can be a quick and effective method of syllabus completion which enables students to know how much of the chapter or subject they have understood, in contrast to the traditional method of going through textbook for multiple times.

SeekoG Academic Diagnostic Reports

SeekoG Academic Diagnostic Reports are not your regular report cards. It is unique, as it pinpoints the exact areas which need a student’s attention. Like the way your GPS map pinpoints the exact location, the SeekoG Academic Diagnostic Report shows exact concepts a student needs help with.
SeekoG Academic Diagnostic Reports give you both the score and analyses of student's overall understanding of a chapter, showing which topics a student has a good understanding of and which topics he/she finds difficult or needs to focus on.
A student’s SeekoG Academic Diagnostic Report gives them a score in every concept of the chapter in which the student takes a test. Therefore, SeekoG Academic Diagnostic Reports are a good guide for lesson planning. A student as well as a tutor can use the reports to plan lessons, focusing on the learning gaps and managing time to complete the syllabus.
With the help of SeekoG Academic Diagnostic Reports, a student can always be sure of their learning and be exam ready.

SeekoG 1:1 online tuition

SeekoG 1:1 online tuition is for bridging the exact learning gaps pinpointed through the SeekoG Educational Diagnostic tests and reports.
When a student takes a test and gets the report, they can take the report to their teacher or book SeekoG 1:1 online tuition. Instead of studying the whole chapter again and again, SeekoG 1:1 tutor only teaches the exact topic which a student needs to focus on. Through this they help students fill the exact learning gaps.