Frequently Asked Questions

About SeekoG

  • What is SeekoG?

    SeekoG is an online platform with an organized approach of Revise, Test, and Master (RTM). The SeekoG RTM approach helps students of classes from 6 to 10 (both CBSE and state boards) score well in exams by identifying gaps in learning and mastering them with 1:1 personalized tutoring.

  • How can I use SeekoG for my preparation?

    Use SeekoG’s Educational Diagnostic test to practice for your Board exams/ Competitive exams/ IIT exams. SeekoG Educational Diagnostic Test questions include 45000 + CBSE previous year board questions and NCERT based questions which can be used as worksheets for students’ last-minute exam preparation.

    SeekoG helps students brush up their knowledge with sections containing crisp and contextual definitions for 40,000+ concepts and terms.

    SeekoG Mind Maps are the best revision tool for students to revise chapters in minutes.

    If any student needs extra attention in specific topics in a subject, SeekoG 1:1 tutoring can help them master those exact topics and score better in exams.

  • Will SeekoG help my school studies?
    Yes! Once your teacher finishes the lesson in the class, you can check the concepts in the SeekoG app, make notes, and revise using mind maps. Once done, you can take tests and check your understanding of the concepts taught at school. If you need additional help or guidance in learning, you can choose SeekoG 1:1 tutoring to thoroughly master the concepts.
  • What does SeekoG offer?

    - SeekoG Mind maps for quick and effective last-minute revision.

    - SeekoG Educational Diagnostic test to test and identify exact learning gaps. They consist of questions that are CBSE and NCERT based, and helpful for exam practice.

    - SeekoG 1:1 online tuition for bridging exact learning gaps specific to individual students.

    SeekoG’s RTM (Revise, Test, and Master) model offers a methodical approach to master all concepts and ace exams in minimum time.

  • Can I access free sample content on SeekoG?

    Yes. SeekoG offers you free access to Mind Maps and 5 free SeekoG Educational Diagnostic Tests. Register and subscribe to take unlimited tests and get test reports.

  • What do I get when I subscribe to SeekoG?

    You can access 40,000+ terms and concepts, and mind maps, take SeekoG Educational Diagnostic Tests, and get SeekoG Diagnostic Test Reports. You can also choose SeekoG 1:1 online tuition for mastering all your difficult chapters.

  • Does SeekoG cover all the chapters in the syllabus?

    Yes! SeekoG not only covers all the chapters but also dedicates a special overview of mind maps for concepts and terms in each chapter.

    All the questions in SeekoG cover the entire CBSE syllabus from class 6 to 10, following the NCERT model.

  • Which classes does SeekoG cover?

    SeekoG provides Revise, Test and Master options to students from class 6 to 10 for both CBSE and State boards.

  • How many online tests can I take?

    When you register you get 5 free SeekoG Diagnostic tests. Each chapter contains multiple test questions. When you opt for monthly or yearly subscription, you can take unlimited tests.

  • Can I use SeekoG to prepare for competitive exams/ IIT?

    Yes. SeekoG Educational Diagnostic tests have questions which are CBSE and NCERT based, therefore can be used as practice test for competitive/ IIT exams.

SeekoG 1:1 Tutoring

  • How can I clear my doubts with SeekoG 1:1 online tuition?

    When you opt for a 1:1 online tuition session for specific concepts, the SeekoG 1:1 tutor explains the exact concepts that you need help with and clears your doubts with respect to those concepts.

    SeekoG 1:1 tutor analyses your Diagnostic test reports to design the 1:1 session in a way that would suit your individual pace and fill the gaps in your learning.

  • Can I make notes from 1:1 online tuition?

    Yes. We encourage you to actively take and make notes when you go through concepts in SeekoG Mind maps, concept descriptions, and while attending 1:1 tutoring sessions. SeekoG believes that note taking and note making skills are a MUST for students’ overall development.

  • Should I enroll my child for SeekoG 1:1 online tuition, if he/she is already attending tuition after school?

    Tuition teachers teach the entire syllabus, whereas SeekoG Educational Diagnostic test report identifies the gaps in a student’s learning and the tutor analyses the report, understands your child’s strengths and learning needs, guides your child only in the concepts that your child needs help with, as per their individual learning pace.

    You can also share the diagnostic reports with your child’s tuition teacher and ask the teacher to focus on the learning gaps.

  • How is SeekoG 1:1 online tuition different from regular tuition?

    SeekoG offers a detailed gap analysis with which the tutor tailors the 1:1 session according to a student’s learning needs. SeekoG 1:1 tutoring guides your child only in the concepts that your child needs help with.

  • How does SeekoG assign me a tutor for 1:1 online tuitions?

    SeekoG’s algorithm works to assign you a tutor most suitable for filling your individual learning gap/s. SeekoG examines your learning gaps and assigns tutors with expertise in that particular concept/s.

  • What is tutor's role in SeekoG?

    Through 1:1 online tuition, a SeekoG tutor helps a student fill the gaps in learning by explaining the concepts your child is struggling with, clearing doubts, and answering questions. SeekoG tutors are specially trained to help your child score well in exams.

  • How can teachers join SeekoG?

    Teachers can join SeekoG as 1:1 online tutors. Fill up the form to register yourself and Visit contact us for more details.

  • How is SeekoG different from classroom teaching?

    SeekoG provides only 1:1 tutoring and focused learning in the areas that your child needs help in. Whereas classroom teaching focuses on all the children in the class and covers entire syllabus. SeekoG teaching comes after the concept is covered and already taught in the school.

  • Why do I need a SeekoG tutor?

    SeekoG 1:1 online tutors fill the gaps in student’s learning by thoroughly explaining the difficult concepts in online sessions and answering questions.

  • Does SeekoG offer lesson notes?

    Yes. SeekoG provides notes and required assignments.

Technical Information

  • Where can I download SeekoG?

    From Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You can also access the website directly without downloading it from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

  • Do I get to save my data on SeekoG?

    Yes. SeekoG tracks the concepts your child checks, Mind Maps your child accesses, tests your child has taken and the 1:1 tutoring that your child chooses. Your entire access history is safely stored on the SeekoG app.

  • What happens to my data if I unsubscribe, my subscription is over, or the free subscription date is over?

    The data always remains available in your account.

  • Which device/s is SeekoG app compatible with?

    SeekoG app is available on both android and iOS. The app can be accessed from tabs, mobiles, laptops, and through a browser using the official website link on any device.

  • How can I contact SeekoG?

    Please email us to our Support Team

  • I forgot my password/my password is not working. What do I do?

    You can change their login password through the forgot password option in the login screen and the necessary process after that.

Fees & Subscriptions

  • Is it free to download?

    Yes. You can download the SeekoG app for free. Also, access the entire SeekoG revision tool (Mind Maps and Concept descriptions) free of cost. When you register with SeekoG, you also get 5 Diagnostic Tests for free.

  • How to register in/subscribe to SeekoG?

    Fill in the registration form after clicking on REGISTER. Provide a valid email ID and phone number. After registering you get credited with 5 FREE Educational Diagnostic Tests. Once you exhaust your free tests, you must subscribe to SeekoG to continue taking more tests.

    Choose monthly or yearly subscription to continue taking more tests and identify gaps in your learning in each chapter of Mathematics, Science, English and Social across class 6-10.

  • What are the fees?

    SeekoG charges a fee of ₹300 for monthly subscription and ₹3000 for yearly subscription.

  • What do I pay for on SeekoG?

    On the SeekoG app, you pay for the monthly or yearly subscription, which is ₹300 a month and ₹3000 a year. You can take unlimited tests after subscribing to SeekoG.

    After taking tests and getting test reports, you pay for the 1:1 online tuition that you book for specific concepts in which you need to improve in. You pay only for the concepts you need improvement in.

  • How long is the subscription period?

    SeekoG offers you monthly as well as yearly subscriptions.

  • Do I get a free subscription?

    There is no free subscription option. However, after subscription a user is credited with 5 free tests and reports.


  • What are the advantages of subscribing to SeekoG?

    Unlimited Tests for CBSE boards exam practice, competitive/ IIT exams practice, and Educational Diagnostic test reports.

    Brush up your knowledge anytime anywhere with SeekoG Mind Maps. Book 1:1 online tuition for exact learning needs and master chapters and subjects in minimum time.

  • How is SeekoG different from other learning apps?

    SeekoG’s Educational Diagnostic tests, and Test reports highlight and pinpoint the areas you are strong at and those that you need help with. Thereby helping you plan your learning and improve scores immediately. SeekoG 1:1 online tuition helps you personalize your learning and fills your exact learning gaps avoiding repetition in learning.

  • Which language is used by the SeekoG app?

    The SeekoG study material and test questions are in English. SeekoG 1:1 tutors use a mix of English and vernacular language (if needed by the child) to facilitate better understanding of the subject.

  • Where and how can I track my child’s progress?

    SeekoG’s gap analysis reports keep track of your child’s progress and send you regular (daily) reports to your registered email address.

    You get notified of your child’s progress and learning needs in every step of their learning.

  • Will SeekoG use my school grades/profile?

    No, SeekoG does not use your school grades. SeekoG Educational Diagnostic Test examines your learning strengths, identifies gaps in your learning/ learning needs and, based on your test report, suggests 1:1 online tuition for overcoming the gaps in your learning.

  • How much time should a student spend on SeekoG per day/week?

    To benefit the most, a student should ideally spend 30 mins- 1 hour daily on the SeekoG app.

    Taking SeekoG Educational Diagnostic test for better practice. Going through Mind Maps to revise in minimum time.

    We encourage children to make use of SeekoG tests, test reports and Mind Maps as much as possible. We do not restrict the time they spend on SeekoG.